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starters + platters + sharing

Cheese Nachos £3.75 V

Crisp tortillas topped with fresh red ‘n’ green peppers, spicy jalapeños, onions + gooey cheese, load them with guacamole, chunky salsa ‘n’ sour cream.

VG As above with vegan cheese + mayo replacing
sour cream.


Loaded Potato Skins £3.75

Topped with gooey cheese + crispy bacon, served with cool sour cream for dipping.
V/VG Swap bacon for mushrooms.

VG Vegan cheese + mayo for dipping.


Black Pudding Potato Cake
The Legendary Appetizer £4

Our version of fish cakes but much healthier!
our special black pud, mixed with potatoes & topped with an egg.


Halloumi Soldiers £4 V

Crispy fried soldiers perfect for dipping, served with our sweet chilli dip + salad.




Cows in Quilts £4

Small Yorkshire pud filled with our slow cooked brisket topped with pigs in blankets + gravy.


BBQ Chicken Lollipop Wings £4

Coated in our fantastic sticky home made BBQ sauce. Our unique take on wings means you can enjoy them without getting your fingers sticky.


Butcher’s Sharing Platter
Create your own platter £10

For those who love eating together
& want to try a bit of everything! Serves 2-3.

Choose four different items from:

BBQ Chicken Lollipop Wings, Potato Skins, Sausages, Cows in Quilts, Halloumi Soldiers, Onion Rings,
Garlic Bread or Black Pudding Potato Cake.

You can have all of one or mix them up.


The Bloomin’ Onion

Bloomin’ eck! £6 VG

Large whole onion intricately sliced & deep-fried
in our famous batter, served with peri peri mayo dip. It’s Amazing!

our famous mains


Mick’s Grill Navvy’s delight £11.50

Served on a shovel. Tender steak*, gammon, pork loin, sausages + onion rings all topped with an egg.
Served with our famous battered chips.

*Due to varying thickness of steaks we cook them medium.


The Whole Hog £9.99

10oz char-grilled gammon topped with an egg, pineapple ring + mushy peas. Served with our
famous battered chips.


Hunters Chicken £9.99

Chicken breast with our own southern fried coating
+ Cheddar cheese, bacon and our amazing BBQ sauce melted on top, served with our famous battered chips + a freshly battered onion ring.


8oz Sirloin Steak £12.50

28 day aged steak cooked as close as possible to
your liking, served with our famous battered chips,
onion rings + tomato. Add black pepper sauce

for an extra £1.95.


Vertical kebabs, accompanied with our
famous battered chips, jacket potato or
even a healthy salad!

Piri Piri Chicken Skewer £9.99

Hanging skewer of marinated chicken pieces, onions, peppers ‘n’ button mushrooms.


Desperate Dan’s Spare Ribs
Half Rack £8.99  Full Rack £12.99

Pork ribs marinated in our special BBQ rub, slowly cooked for 3 hours then coated in our sticky home made BBQ sauce. Served with our famous battered chips + plenty of napkins.


Ribs ‘n’ Wings £11.50

Half rack of BBQ pork ribs + BBQ chicken wings. Served with our famous battered chips + plenty

of napkins.


All served with our famous battered chips.

Skinny Boy £8.99

8oz burger in a brioche bun with our own burger sauce topped with tomato + lettuce. If you don’t like green stuff we can take it off!


Big Boy £9.99

8oz burger in a brioche bun with bacon ‘n’ cheese, our own burger sauce, topped with tomato + lettuce.

If you don’t like green stuff we can take it off!


The Colonel £8.99

Chicken fillet with our special southern fried coating served in a brioche bun with our own burger sauce, tomato + lettuce.


Hunters Chicken
The Mother of all Burgers £9.99

Chicken fillet with our special southern fried coating, topped with bacon ‘n’ cheese then topped with our very own BBQ sauce, oh yes and a brioche bun.


No Bull Vegan Burger Cajun Spice £9.99 VG

Plant based quarter pounder, full of natural goodness served in a bun with salad and mayo + battered chips.


Traditional Fish ‘N’ Chips £9.99
As good as any chippy! Great fillet of fish in our famous batter, mushy peas + tartare sauce, served with our famous battered chips on newspaper.


Fake Fish ‘N’ Chips £8.99 V/VG
We replace the fish with Halloumi or vegan cheese. Served with our famous battered chips on newspaper with mushy peas + tartare sauce (veggie option only).


Chicken, Bacon ‘N’ Crumbled Stilton £8.99

Warm chicken breast + bacon, on a bed of mixed leaves topped with Stilton cheese, served with jacket spud or our famous battered chips.

side orders

Gravy £1.75

Mushy Peas £1.75 VG

Bread + Butter £1.75 V

Handmade Onion Rings £1.75 VG

Black Pepper Sauce £1.95

Battered Chips £1.95 VG

Mushrooms £1.95 VG

Mashed Potato £1.95 V


Mixed Salad £1.95 VG

Garlic Bread £1.95 V

Garlic Bread + Cheese £2.20 V


our famous pies

Desperate Dan’s Cow Pie
The World Famous Meal in a Pie £10.99

Steak & kidney + a variety of seasonal vegetables all slowly cooked together in our
famous gravy. Baked with a pastry lid + pastry horns. All 4lb comes to your reinforced table.

Are you mad enough for the Cow Pie Challenge?
Certificate awarded for every challenger, but will it be for glory or failure? Please pre-order, if you want
a Desperate Dan’s Cow Pie without kidney but if you do, you automatically get a Wimps Certificate!

The following pies are served with our famous battered chips with the exception of the faggot pie
which is served with mashed potato. All pastry is Vegan.

Optional Extras: Cheesy Chips or Gravy - £1.50   We don’t “Triple Cook” our chips... We get it right first time...!
Healthy(ish) Option: Replace puff pastry lid with melted cheese (not an option for Desperate Dan’s Cow Pie).

The Brexit

See EU Later Pie £9.99

Slow cooked English beef brisket + onions in a rich gravy, topped with puff pastry.

No Brussels Sprouts in here!


Posh ‘N’ Becks Pie
Steak + Stilton

Superb chunks of beef slowly cooked in our famous gravy, then just at the end of cooking we add some mature Stilton cheese, topped with puff pastry.


Wham Bam, Thank you Lamb
Minted Lamb Pie £10.99

Great chunks of lamb with a fantastic minted gravy, topped with puff pastry.

Tarzan Pie £10.99

Chicken breast + bacon slowly cooked in our own BBQ sauce, topped with cheese + puff pastry.


100% Bullocks
Steak Pie

Our best cuts of beef slowly cooked in our famous gravy, topped with puff pastry.


Hen Pecked Pie
Chicken ‘N’ Mushroom £9.99

Chicken breast + chestnut mushrooms

in a classic creamy sauce, topped with puff pastry.


Peaky Blinder - Faggot Pie £9.99

Local faggots set on mushy peas smothered in a rich onion gravy with our famous mashed potato piped
on top, a complete meal.


Eeny Meeny Beeny
Chilli Bean Pie £9.99 VG

Mixture of beans, mushrooms + garlic in a tomato
‘n’ chilli sauce topped with puff pastry.


Steak ‘N’ Kidney Pudding £8.99

Suet pudding slowly steamed with steak ‘n’ kidney
in our famous gravy.


Andy Murray Pie

The Midlands most popular dish, our curry is made with chicken breast cooked mild but we can make it
to any heat you like. Topped with a naan bread.


Hippy Chick Pie £8.99 VG

Sweet potato, chick peas, green beans,
peas + broccoli in a wonderful mild Thai curry sauce topped with puff pastry.


Check our Specials Board

Please speak to a member of our staff if you have a food allergy or intolerance. Don't ask Pete, he's clueless!


V Suitable for vegetarians or vegetarian option available.  VG Suitable for vegans or vegan option available.



All deserts come with a choice of cream, custard, real dairy ice cream or non-dairy ice cream.

Please specify when ordering.

Oreo cookies ‘nice cream £3.75

No description will do this justice.


Profiteroles £3.75 V

Cream puffs topped with chocolate sauce,
served with ice cream.


Sticky Toffee Pud £3.75 V

Light steamed sponge covered in gooey toffee,

best served with custard.


Apple ‘N’ Blackberry Crumble £3.75 V

Slowly stewed apple 'n' blackberries
with a sweet crumble.

Hot Chocolate Sponge £3.75 V

Chocolate heaven! light sponge with runny chocolate.


Triple Chocolate Cheesecake £4 V

Unbelievable chocolate heaven all on a
New York cheesecake.


Chocolate Chip
Orange Sponge Cake
£4 V/VG

Steamed pudding with chocolate sauce.


Sweet Hanging Kabob £6.50

Sharing Pud

Skewered strawberries, profiteroles + marshmallows, served with chocolate sauce.

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